How to Help Someone Struggling with Their Mental Health

It’s tough to watch a loved one struggle with mental illness and know how to best be supportive. Oftentimes we might find ourselves avoiding the situation because we’re not sure what to say or do. We might feel fear about saying the wrong thing and therefore say nothing.

Getting Out of Our Heads and Into the Moment

Sometimes it is the full moon, the kids, work, being cooped up,
Listening to the news, or just operator mental error, but whatever
it is, the survival charade of intellectualizing, analyzing, aka being
in our heads too much, is what most people say drives them nuts
more than anything.

How to Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

You may have noticed that the majority of people lose steam with their resolutions for the New Year. About 80% of Americans fail in these goals by the second week of February. There’s no bottled motivation to buy but here are some ideas that can bolster you in making the changes you want to make really stick.

Navigating the Holiday Season

We’re approaching the holiday season, which can be challenging anyway but the pandemic has added layers to family get-togethers and traditions that can make the holidays even harder. For some of us, there’s added financial pressure to give gifts, for others there are triggers to drink/use or having to set boundaries around family we struggle with. Here are a few ideas for you to consider that might help ease whatever burdens the holidays bring.

How to Work with Summer Triggers: Stay Safe and Sober

How To Work With Summer Triggers: Stay Safe and Sober

Summer is now in full effect. As the beginning of the season coincided with the lifting of lockdown restrictions, everyone is scrambling to catch as much fun in the sun as they can.

Get Better Sleep!

Sleep is one of the most crucial elements for mental health and a really good place to start re-evaluating if you’re struggling mentally or emotionally. Our body has an internal 24-hour clock called a circadian rhythm that tells our brain when to get sleepy and when to wake up. These circadian rhythms can be interrupted and changed by anything from changing time zones, more/less daylight as the seasons change, age, work hours etc.

Using the Energy of Spring to Jumpstart Mental Health

Using the Energy of Spring to Jumpstart Mental Health

Many Eastern traditions teach about connecting to the cycles of nature as a form of healing and supporting wellness and health. Think about the phrase” spring cleaning” that comes from the inspiration of a fresh start, new life, and the potential in budding plants and warmer weather.

Basic Anxiety Survival Guide

Anxiety is considered a normal human emotion when it is occasional and happens in response to certain problems, stressors, or situations (for example an unexpected bill or a job interview). Sometimes it can even beneficial in helping us appropriately respond to a danger – it is a part of our internal security system.

Sugar & Mental Health

How Does Sugar Affect Our Mental Health?
We’ve all known for most of our lives that sugar isn’t that great for us – no nutritional value, spikes in blood sugar, lots of calories. Science is starting to understand on a deeper level how it relates to mental health disorders specifically.