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Our 1st News-bite Letter – Featuring Evolution Group, Inc. happenings and upcoming training opportunities, research information and links, motivational and inspirational information, and other useful stuff that is quick to read.

This News-bite features updated information about Integrity Recovery House and the Compulsive Gambling Treatment Center: Integrity Recovery House – Serving clients since 2007 – A three phase – 30 day minimum up to 6 months structured recovery residence living facility – Specifically for problem gamblers – with an intensive outpatient gambling treatment center next door – proven to help compulsive gamblers establish abstinence from compulsive gambling, restore their integrity, and begin recovery from gambling addiction.
We have separate men’s and women’s facilities.
  • No fees for in-state residents made possible on a case by case funds available basis
  • High quality environment that fosters self respect through structured personal accountability
  • We work with treatment providers who wish to refer their clients – who can continue to see their clients who can continue to see their clients while at the facility – and then return to their practice for outpatient aftercare with their primary (referring) therapist.
  • Our staff is made up of skilled licensed professionals and gambling certified treatment professionals and supervised and experienced recovery coaches.
The Compulsive Gambling Treatment Center: -Since 2002 – A specialized intensive outpatient treatment facility specifically for compulsive gamblers, their partners, and their families. Utilizing cutting edge treatment approaches, the Center embraces the Pathways Model, Integrity Recovery (TM) , MBSR, CBT, acupuncture, medication monitoring services when needed, with an emphasis on participation in G.A. There are no fees for in-state residents made possible on a case by case funds available basis.
  1. Intensive outpatient specialized compulsive gambling treatment
  2. Relapse prevention and money management
  3. Identify and address relationship and family issues
  4. Work the tasks and performables of the 10 levels of Integrity Recovery
  5. Reunite in recovery with family members
  6. Restore financial solvency
  7. 3 Gamblers Anonymous Meetings happen here every week
Our clients report that the long-term structure of the Integrity Recovery House in combination with the services and the therapeutic experiences at the Compulsive Gambling Treatment Center helps them to develop self-esteem and confidence for long-term recovery.

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