Clinical Psychologist Featured in Online Seminar

The Evolution Group’s Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Caroline Williams, PhD, will be featured in the upcoming online series “Meds: Myths and Realities—Everything Therapists Need to Know about Psychopharmacology”. The series is sponsored by Psychotherapy Networker.

Williams says that while it’s tempting for some therapists to overreact to over-the-top advertising for psycho-pharmaceutical meds, but she believes that suspicion or skepticism may not be in an individual client’s best interest.

She urges clinicians to consider two factors when thinking about the role of medication for a specific client. The first is to think about the functioning level of each client.  A client who’s struggling with survival and basic functioning issues is not really available for talk therapy.

“Second, consider the speed of response to the medication, When someone is severely depressed or schizophrenic or psychotic, a medication that works for that client can pull their energy level and functioning up faster than psychotherapy alone. At that point they are ready and able to participate in psychotherapy,” she said.

Therapists interested in the online series, which begins May 1, 2013, can register here.

The series focuses on practical strategies for matching clients—both children and adults—with appropriate psychopharmacological interventions, how to handle client non-compliance, and how to work effectively with prescribing physicians.

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