Welcome to The Evolution Group

Welcome to The Evolution Group, and to our new website. We have realigned our counseling organization around new core values, mission statement, and vision, and feel that this new site reflects who The Evolution Group is and how we serve the community in which we live. Our primary organizational value is integrity, which we define as … Read more

Steps to Financial Stability

When we have financial stability it contributes to feeling peace in other areas of our life. Financial stability means more money coming in than going out; being able to save money and have little or no debt.

Sometimes it is scary to check the bank account and even scarier to add up the bills. But springtime is for new beginnings so why not start fresh and work your way up to financial stability? Remember that it takes longer to pay a debt than it did to accumulate one, which is why the following steps will require time and patience. A good way to start on the road to financial stability is to accept that addictions such as spending, gambling, and materialism, can cause financial instability. It is recommended that in addition to following the 10 steps in this series, also seek counseling with us or another counseling service near you if you struggle with addiction and/or financial problems.   Our Financial Recovery Coach, Mae Bell Pendleton, is nothing short of wonderful.

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News Bite

Our 1st News-bite Letter – Featuring Evolution Group, Inc. happenings and upcoming training opportunities, research information and links, motivational and inspirational information, and other useful stuff that is quick to read.

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Evolution Holiday Poem

Evolution Holiday Poem
By Sandra Spurlock

Let’s lift a glass of cheer to think of good times through the year,
As side by side we worked to make a healing place here.
We’ve all been asked to stretch and change, to sharpen our skills and manage so
Our clients find a calm safe place where they are free to heal and grow.

Let’s lift a glass to those who are gone, for these we miss full well,

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Clinical Psychologist Featured in Online Seminar

The Evolution Group’s Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Caroline Williams, PhD, will be featured in the upcoming online series “Meds: Myths and Realities—Everything Therapists Need to Know about Psychopharmacology”. The series is sponsored by Psychotherapy Networker. Williams says that while it’s tempting for some therapists to overreact to over-the-top advertising for psycho-pharmaceutical meds, but she believes that … Read more

The Evolution Group Assists with 16th Annual Problem Gambling Conference – RGANM

For Immediate Release: Albuquerque, New Mexico – June 25, 2012 The Evolution Group, Inc. in Albuquerque, NM is again working with the Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico (RGANM) to prepare for the associations’ 16th annual Problem Gambling Conference, which will be held Aug. 16-17, 2012. Executive Director Daniel Blackwood has consulted with RGANM for … Read more