Welcome to The Evolution Group

Welcome to The Evolution Group, and to our new website. We have realigned our counseling organization around new core values, mission statement, and vision, and feel that this new site reflects who The Evolution Group is and how we serve the community in which we live.

Our primary organizational value is integrity, which we define as a state of wholeness in which thoughts, beliefs, and feelings align with words and actions.

Our mission statement is empowering the wholeness that lies within.

And our vision is to see balance and wellness restored in our clients and in all things that we can affect.

The staff at The Evolution Group want to carry these actions out through meeting individuals with compassion and working toward creating safety and trust. We also hope that we create a space in which clients can begin to honor their individual differences and give voice to their healthy, authentic selves.

Again, welcome. And safe travels on your journey to wholeness!

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